MYP Students Experience Science First Hand

John Haysom, a PhD chemist and renowned science educator poses these questions to science teachers;

 “How do we help students appreciate the art of solving scientific problems, become better scientific problem solvers and gain an awareness of the way in which scientists have developed our understanding of natural phenomena?” (Haysom 2013 for NSTA publication titled Science Fair)

science 1

At Tashkent International School, the middle school students have been exploring these questions through inquiry. Thanks to our new laboratory spaces that were completed at the beginning of the school year we can better facilitate this style of science learning.


Together with the science technical assistants, the science department teachers have been devising ways to help students understand and value the scientific method.

In middle school, students solve genuine scientific problems through designing experiments and evaluating their results. This is not an easy task, but students are making the most of the practical sessions and thinking critically about their results. The more hands-on practice students have in the laboratory, and in writing lab reports, the better able they are to become familiar with the scientific process and understand their world.

At TIS, science is really a hands-on experience!

Thanks to our science teachers and lab assistants for bringing this type of learning and inquiry to the students at TIS.

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