Grade 1 Students Discover that Exploring Science Produces Fun Results

Students in grade 1 at Tashkent International School have been exploring science in a whole new way through the Inquiry Points of Change (How is it changing?) and Cause (Why is it like this?). The new science studies are part of the unit theme How the World Works and focuses on physical science exploration through design with trail and error.

The students started the unit of exploration by playing with designing different objects in order to gain a better understanding of balance, movement and force.

For changing conditions, the students explored with two manipulatives – an assortment of wheels and axels to make a roller, and the playground scooters.


Before beginning with the wheels and axels, the students used a visible thinking strategy to draw their ideas. After exploring with the available construction materials and designing rollers that turned, the students drew and labeled their designs.



With the scooters, the students conducted science experiments to see how different ground surfaces affected the movement of the scooter. They rolled the scooters across the campus pavement, sidewalks, grass and canal grate, each time observing the different results.


The unit of study has also spilled over into other disciplines, including drama, art, Uzbek studies, physical education, Russian, technology, and music.

The grade 1 classes at Tashkent International School are taught by Julie Morris (1M) and David Walbert (IW).





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