Students Launch New Sports/Arts Website

The Co-Curricular Student Council at Tashkent International School has launched a new student-produced website highlighting the school’s secondary arts and sporting events.

The website can be accessed via the TIS home page under Arts & Sports in the Student Activities pull down menu, or directly at Arts & Sports at TIS.

The new website is completely student created and run. The co-curricular council works to support the arts and sports at TIS. The new site will highlight upcoming games, provide highlights and scores after sporting events, advertise upcoming drama and art presentations, and post photos of past events in both sports and arts.

The site also lists school hours, office hours, contact information, a link to the co-curricular Facebook page, and a spot where viewers can contact the co-curricular council with questions.

Students and parents can go to the new co-curricular website regularly to stay up-to-date on all sports and arts events. Congratulations co-curricular council for creating a fun and informative site!


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