“Paintings from Bukhara” Impress Grade 11 Visual Arts Students

This year’s grade 11 visual art group consists of eight eager students who were willing to sacrifice their Saturday morning to see an exhibition on Paintings from Bukhara at the national gallery of the National Bank of Ubekistan. Even though teacher Ronald Kleijer expected certain students to turn over and sleep the day away, all of them showed up on time! It goes without saying that these students understand the importance of looking at other people’s work in order to create an understanding of what it takes to become a creative genius.

The national gallery of the National Bank of Uzbekistan has a great collection of local art both contemporary as well as from the earlier years of this century and thus it is an excellent opportunity for students to see what Uzbek art is about. The students will still reflect on their trip, but Ronald said that from what he noticed, this visit introduced the students to some amazing work that hopefully has inspired them to reach greatness and brilliance.


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