The MYP at TIS

Students in grades 6 through 10 at Tashkent International School are enrolled in the Middle Years Programme from the International Baccalaureate.

Students in these grades are at a critical stage of development as they undergo dramatic physical, personal, social and intellectual changes. The IB MYP aims to help students through this crucial time by fostering a sense of belonging and a positive attitude toward education.

The MYP uses five Areas of Interaction that ask students to be involved in the cycle of gaining knowledge, reflection and thoughtful action. The five Areas of Interaction are:
• Approaches to Learning
• Community and Service
• Health and Social Education
• Environments
• Human Ingenuity

For more information about the MYP at Tashkent International School, go to MYP at TIS. To learn more about the International Baccalaureate, visit the IB Organization.


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