Final STUCO Event Planned for Middle School Students

The Middle School Student Council is planning the final event of the year for all middle school students and those in 5th grade. It will be a chance to say good-bye to the 8th graders, who will be entering high school next fall, and welcome next year’s 6th grade class to middle school.

The Final Event is Friday, May 24 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. on the campus of Tashkent International School. It will include outdoor games, water games and a movie shown outside. The event is open to all students in 5th through 8 grades. Permission slips have been sent home with students and should be returned before Friday.

For the event, students should bring:
• comfortable clothes for playing games
• a water bottle
• a change of clothes for after the water games
• snacks and a korpacha or blanket for watching the movie

For more information, contact Mark Hughes.


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