Student-Led Conferences on Friday, April 5

Students in grades 6 through 10 will have their student-led conferences on Friday, April 5. Time slots will be filled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Parents will receive a letter so conferences can be scheduled.

Purpose: This is an opportunity for students to reflect on and share aspects of their learning with their parents.

Expectation: All MYP students will create a portfolio and participate in the conferences with their parents on Friday, April 5. Conferences will be one hour long and we ask that both parents/guardians be present during that time. A letter will come home closer to the day where parents will be able to indicate their first, second and third preference in scheduling  conferences during the 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. time slots.

Benefits of Portfolios & Student-Led Conferences
Benefits for the student:

• Builds knowledge of themselves
• Enhances self-esteem
• Involves students in personal reflection and evaluation which enables them to take more responsibility for their learning
• Helps make connection across and between the subjects and Areas of Interaction (AOIs)
• Provides an opportunity to discuss their learning and the skills involved in metacognition
• Develops and extends communication and organizational skills
• Empowers students to set meaningful goals for themselve

Benefits for the Teacher:
Enriches understanding of students
• Builds on and supports classroom assessment practices
• Gives homeroom teachers a more holistic view of the student
• Enables teachers to see interactions between parents and students
• Provides opportunities for teachers to model constructive feedback
• Strengthens communication between home and school

Benefits for Parents:
• Reinforces their understanding of the Middle Years Programme and learning and assessment practices at TIS
• Heightens awareness of their child’s ability to be responsible for their own learning
• Provides an opportunity to discuss the metacognitive skills and learning with which the child is engaged
• Helps reinforce understanding of assessment and evaluation as a process
• Invites them to participate in the reporting process

How Do We Do the Student-Led Conferences?
Students lead their own conference in their homerooms during a one-hour block of time
• Conferences are based around the student portfolio which is organized by each student
• The process and products of learning are emphasized
• The homeroom teachers are available in the homeroom during the conference to support the student and parents, as necessary
• Students will have a set of guidelines to assist them through the conference
• It is expected that all families attend the conference day. If parents are unable to attend, they need to contact the school office to coordinate an alternative time. However, it will not be possible to reproduc the entire conference
• Students may conduct their conference in their home language or in Englisjh

If you have questions about the MYP student-led conferences, contact Fiona Moss, MYP Coordinator and Secondary Vice Principal.





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