Secondary Music Program Gets Boost With New Instruments

He’s been waiting since August for the shipment to arrive. Cases of instruments ranging from violins and cellos, trumpets and trombones to percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes. Now, five months later, the wait is finally over for Patrick David, secondary music teacher at Tashkent International School, and his eager music students.

Let’s start making music.

The new instruments are part of the program expansion planned for the secondary music department. Beginning this month, middle school students in grades 6 through 8 will have a chance to start learning the ins and outs of three different instrument groups.

Brass for grade 6 – trumpet and trombone.
Woodwinds for grade 7 – flute and clarinet.
Strings for grade 8 – violin, viola and cello.

Each year, students will rotate to the next group so that after three years (one trimester each year), a student will have basic proficiency on three different instruments.

With the new instruments soon in the hands of eager students, those interested can sign up for private individual lessons once the second trimester finishes in early March. They will also be able to join the Beginner Ensemble. For more information please contact Mr. David.

By the end of this school year, Mr. David hopes to unveil his students’ beginning achievements through a concert or other musical presentation. There is no mystery; he also hopes to create additional ensembles as soon as possible and a symphonic orchestra in the future.

The musical shipment also included guitars, drums and other percussion equipment.







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