Diploma Programme Information Available

A digital copy of the presentation made on December 3 for grade 10 students entering the Diploma Programme (DP) at Tashkent International School next year is now available online (see the link below). On the evening of December 3, students and parents had a chance to watch this presentation and learn more about the courses and subjects offered in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and begin to make some initial choices for next school year.

Students were also given a subject selection form for grade 11, the start of the Diploma Programme. These forms will be completed during homeroom on Monday, Dec. 10 at TIS. Students who plan to enter the IBDP at TIS should talk with their parents before Dec. 10 to help them make decisions about their course selections.

For more information about the Diploma Programme at TIS, contact Arpita Tyagi, DP coordinator. For more information about the IBDP in general go to International Baccalaureate Organization.

The presentation links:
IBDP Presentation
IBDP Subject Selection Form


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