TIS Green Team Selling Recycled Green Bags

The plastic bag pollution is becoming a serious issue. There are millions of plastic bags used each year and most of them can be used only once. What can be done with those bags after they are used? Nothing. They just become a mountain of trash that pollutes the Earth.

The TIS Green Team is concerned with this global issue, therefore they have decided to make Green Bags. Green Bags are made from T-shirts. You can use a Green Bag for your heavy books, lunch box, PE uniform, laptop and many other things. Just think how many plastic bags you use each year, while you can use only one Green Bag and save the world from the pollution of plastic bags.

One Green Bag costs only 5,000 soum. Moreover, you can bring your own T-shirt and the TIS Green Team will create a personalized bag for the same price of 5,000 soum. Bring your money and T-shirt (if you are ordering a personalized bag) to your homeroom teacher.

To order a Green Bag, click on the following link – TIS Green Bag Order Form.

For more information about the Green Bag initiative, contact Jessica Shiffman or Kirsten Moss.

The TIS Green Team



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