FAQ About the New School Kitchen

A new link has been added to the School Kitchen web page, located at School Kitchen . The FAQ link provides a series of frequently-asked questions that we’ve received from parents about the kitchen and the school’s future plans regarding menu, prices and portions. If you have questions about the kitchen, or if you’d just like to know more, please follow this link to the new FAQ page. The new school kitchen has been up and running for more than a month, providing hot and healthy meals to students and staff. During this time, we have received a lot of feedback, which has allowed us to make some initial changes, such as increasing portion sizes and adding hot soup to the lunch selections. If you have other ideas or suggestions about the kitchen, please do not hesitate to contact us at 291-9670 or email one of the parent representatives listed on the FAQ page. Thank you to everyone who has already asked questions and provided input.

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