Easing the Transition

It’s not easy being the new kid in class or the new kid in school or the new kid in a new country. Transitions are sometimes difficult. Tashkent International School has more than 450 students from 43 countries. Most of these students are from countries other than Uzbekistan; foreigners living in a foreign land.

TIS School Counselor Yvette Cuenco understands these issues; she understands the transitions, the changes, the things students think and go through when they’re the new kid on the block.

And she’s here to help.

In mid October Cuenco began the Welcome Lunch program, a simple little addition to a student’s day to help ease his or her transition into the school and help them feel part of the TIS community. The first Welcome Lunch was for elementary students; another one will be held soon for new students in secondary.

The program was simple – students enjoyed pizza and water provided by Cuenco, they met other students, met Cuenco, and played some games. Then they had a chance to decorate a small owl picture, which will be hung up in the school so other students will get to know the new batch of kids. The owl is the school mascot for TIS.

“I had a lot of fun with this group, getting to know the students, listening to their stories and helping them meet some new classmates,” said Cuenco about the first Welcome Lunch. “It’s not easy being in their position. Some kids move every couple of years, so we want to help make their transition into TIS as pleasant as possible. We have a great community here and we want them to experience that.”

If parents have any questions about the Welcome Lunch program or anything related to their child and his or her transition into TIS, they can contact Cuenco at counselor@tashschool.org.

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